At 21, Monica Gomez’s younger siblings were placed with her by Child Protective Services. Jason, a 9 year old and infant, Star. Monica said yes because she didn’t want them split up or in a shelter. Monica is in college and has set out to be a first generation college graduate preparing for a brighter future. After placement, she quickly began having significant issues with her 9 year old brother who had been exposed to domestic violence and criminal behaviors. Monica was ready to give up.. She had no experience or training helping people walk through trauma into freedom. She tried everything she knew but nothing worked.  Some were telling her it was too hard and she should  just give them back.

Monica’s Chosen Care Manager has given tools and training to help her family flourish. Chosen is providing consistent respite and she has learned about attachment, self-care and how trauma affects a child’s brain. Her brother showed clinical levels of 7 of 9 trauma-related behaviors; the trauma had dramatically altered his life. As Monica has taken very active steps to be a mainstay in her siblings’ lives, Jason is getting the help he needs to overcome his rough start. Monica is gaining newfound empathy and confidence and no longer wants to quit. HOPE has been restored. Stability has been found. Help is on tap.



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Heartbreaking. Hard. Painful stories. But every day, HOPE is being restored. Life-changing transformation in Monica, Jason and Star’s lives is taking place before our eyes.

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