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Chosen’s Model of Care

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Individualized Parent Coaching Individualized Parent Coaching
This accountability-driven, tailored approach results in stronger attachments as quickly as possible.
Therapeutic Resources Therapeutic Resources
Chosen matches parents with evidenced-based, therapeutic services and resources that meet the needs of their children.
Personalized Case Management Personalized Case Management
We know every family is unique. So we create a plan for your family that includes referrals to meet educational, medical, occupational, and/or social needs unique to each family.







Chosen’s array of evidence–based and trauma informed assessments and intervention are raising the level of care available to help children heal from abuse and neglect while transforming the entire paradigm within foster care and adoption for our community. Their commitment to help parents disarm deep fear enhances positive early childhood experiences. Their work shows a deep commitment to strengthening families in ways that ensure our community thrives now and in future generations.


Area Director for Foster Care and Adoptions, Local Child Placing Agency

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Chosen offers a sliding scale of fees based on family size and household income. We strive to make our services affordable to all and do not want finances to be a hindrance.