Chrissy Gallam, Content Manager, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Chrissy Gallam

Content Manager

Chrissy’s personal goal is to use her talents and abilities to help those who are vulnerable take steps toward their best life. Her role as Content Manager enables her to lean into that goal with a hands-on approach through marketing projects, copy, social media, blogs, and other content.

Chosen welcomed Chrissy to the team in May 2022. Her background in communication media extends into various sectors including technology, research, consumer, news, and entertainment—in addition to 7 years of volunteer work with nonprofits. Chrissy holds a BA in Mass Communications from Indiana University South Bend and is pursuing an MA in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University. Her broad experience in communication management is a valuable asset in the diverse layers and demands of her position.

She is highly dedicated to sharing an uplifting message of love and hope with those who need it most. Spending her week making a meaningful impact in others’ lives at Chosen fills her with abundant joy!

Chrissy lives in Indiana with her husband, Phil, and her mini Goldendoodle, Merida. She loves volunteering with children, reading classic literature, and writing/publishing creative pieces.