Jared Brown, Vice President of National Advancement, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Jared Brown

Vice President of National Advancement

Jared Brown is a seasoned nonprofit professional with a passion for leadership, innovation, and making a positive impact in the world. He currently serves as the Vice President of National Advancement at Chosen, where he oversees the organization’s fundraising efforts and builds relationships with key stakeholders.

Jared earned his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Georgia Southern University, minoring in business administration. His journey in the nonprofit sector started in 2004 as a leader at summer camps for kids, youth, and youth pastors at Student Life. Later, he joined Compassion International, an organization dedicated to releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name, where he held a variety of roles such as Manager of Event Relations, Director of Collegiate Strategies, Principal Product Manager, and New Generations Global Lead in the Global Marketing and Brand Experience team. Jared’s experience in donor relations, product management and global marketing and brand experience allowed him to develop new products, services and insights that helped Compassion International’s 13 fundraising nations better serve its donors and the children it supports in 25 program countries.

Growing up in a military home and moving almost every three years, helped Jared learn to adapt to new surroundings and fueled his love for travel. Together with his amazing wife, Sarah, who serves in the United States Air Force, they have been to over 20 countries for work and vacation. They also enjoy exploring the country with their camper, discovering new places to go paddle boarding, and trying out amazing local restaurants with their little pup, Redd.

In addition to traveling, Jared and Sarah have cultivated a love for fitness, both being Level 1 CrossFit certified and working on their Level 1 Nutritionist certification. They used to run a gym out of their garage, where they enjoyed helping people grow in their health and wellness.

Jared’s faith in Jesus, his love for his wife, trying to be the best dog dad to Redd, and his desire to be an exceptional neighbor are the most important things in his life.