Roger Brooks, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Roger Brooks, Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Officer

Roger Brooks’ background and passion for multiculturalism and empowering marginalized individuals. As a clinical psychologist specializing in treatment resistant trauma, cross-cultural aspects of trauma, post-traumatic growth, and transgenerational trauma, he brings a unique perspective and valuable insights to his work. His focus on giving a voice to those who may feel unheard or may be at risk is particularly important in creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Roger’s diverse background and experience in both clinical and nonprofit fields have equipped him with a unique perspective and skill set in his role as Chief Clinical Officer. His focus on programmatic development, engagement, and measurements of success is evidence of his commitment to achieve positive outcomes for those he serves. As a leader, he understands the importance of ensuring that innovative programmatic engagements are not only effective but also address the needs of those they serve. 

Roger’s work as Chief Clinical Officer for Chosen, an organization focused on breaking the cycle of trauma through culturally competent engagement and empowerment of children, parents, and caregivers. His emphasis on innovative, research-driven programming is essential in ensuring the organization’s mission and vision are achieved effectively. Helping to provide the necessary skills and resources to those who have experienced potentially traumatic events, enabling them to overcome those challenges and thrive. This is a vital contribution to the well-being of individuals and communities.