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21 May 2020

Nick’s Story

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Nick’s parents came to us feeling hopeless. They had struggled for so long and felt as though life wasn’t going to get better. As a family of four, they opened their heart & home to a child who needed help. But they have been met with battles they could have never imagined.


Even though Nick was adopted out of foster care as a baby, damage from maternal substance abuse shaped his brain in ways no one could see yet. Nick struggled in school and seemed “different.”  As he grew into a teen, his moods and social behaviors grew more challenging. His parents came to us feeling disconnected and worn down. Peace in their home had evaporated. The parenting tactics that had worked with their older biological kids actually seemed to make things worse. They were at wit’s end.


As we worked with mom & dad, they learned how Nick’s brain had been impacted by his early start. We gave them new tools to press on. Mom told us, “I have hope again.” They began connecting with their son in a way that seemed impossible before. Nick has made tremendous progress, too. When they first came to us, he was in the clinical range for anxiety, depression, PTSD and several other issues. Today, Nick is no longer in the clinical range. He continues to learn how to express himself, which deepens their connection. With restored hope, they see that healing is truly possible, in spite of their past battles. Now, instead of fighting each other, they’re fighting his past together.



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