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Back to School Advocacy

“My Child is Scared to Go Back to Class!” Speak Up to Help Students Succeed

Is your child afraid to go back to class? A new school year can be an anxious time for any child. For children with hard histories, this transition can be even more complicated. As a parent, you can advocate for your child at school. Here are four easy steps that can help students succeed this fall. 

1. Build relationships

Get to know the teachers, administrators, counselors, teaching aids, and coaches. This can be done any time after you go back to class, but try to aim for the first couple of months or even before the school year starts.   

2. Schedule a meeting

Set up a meeting with your child’s teacher at the beginning of the year. This will allow the teacher the opportunity to get to know your family. Help them understand the steps you are taking to support your child and how they can join the team.  

3. Ask for a mentor

Try to get a mentor or check-in buddy for your child. Your child’s guidance counselor may be able to help with this and other ways to help students. This adds another layer of connection, support, and encouragement for your child.  

4. Keep a log

Something you may not have thought of to help students, keep a log that’s easy to reference. Who are the teachers my child connects with? What assignments/classes/environments were difficult for them? This information can be helpful any time you meet with teachers. 


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