Adoptive Families

Helping adoptive families heal and thrive.

Addy: Healing Adoptive Families

Chosen's tailored approach heals the whole adoptive family

Traditional parenting methods may not be effective for children with trauma backgrounds. Meanwhile, adoptive parents face unique challenges, with fewer external support systems compared to foster families. Chosen’s Addy Program offers a comprehensive approach for adoptive parents and caregivers seeking to strengthen family bonds and support children with unique needs. The program focuses on understanding the trauma experienced by children, while acknowledging the profound losses they have endured.

Client Outcomes


of youth who experienced a psychiatric stay did not return to the hospital after services.


of children and teens had decreased levels of anxiety after participating in a Chosen program.


Addy addresses the root causes of mental health struggles.

Instead of focusing solely on diagnosing symptoms, Chosen employs a trauma-responsive approach to prioritize the experiences people have been through and healing the root of those symptoms, much like treating a wound before it becomes infected.

Our focus is on nurturing emotional well-being, leaving scars of resilience rather than unresolved trauma. This strengthens attachments and connections between children and parents and caregivers, reduces stress, mitigates trauma-related behaviors, and prevents hospitalizations and acute mental health crises.


We employ a tried-and-true six-pronged strategy to cater to everyday family needs.

Tailored Approaches for Every Family

Chosen uses clinical tools to determine how to create an approach that works for every family

Assessing Trauma History

ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) questionnaires to assess trauma experiences in parents and caregivers.

Uncovering Attachment Styles

AAI (Adult Attachment Interviews) to understand how parents engage and connect with their children.

Providing Effective Strategies

Trauma-responsive techniques taught to parents and caregivers based on results.

Medication Consult

Personalized consultation on medication management to ensure the best care for your child.

Educational Consult

Support and recommendations to navigate the education and address your child’s learning requirements.

Trauma Behavior Assessments

In-depth assessments to understand trauma-related behaviors, providing insights for effective intervention.


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