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Our mission is to help children, youth, and families prevent and heal trauma through healthy relational connections.

Our vision is to see trauma-responsive care and relational connection as the standard in the child and family well-being system.

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I wish we could sit together over coffee so I could share stories of how your help is changing lives. Stories of sorrow turned to triumph, of resilient human spirits, and the courage of those who step in to guide, encourage, and empower the broken. Like me, you may be humbled at the role your care plays in changing the very lives of children and families.

We’ve all probably heard the phrase, “to whom much is given, much is required.” As we start the new year, this phrase has been resonating loudly in my head. I see it as a beautiful reminder to stay the course.

The vision entrusted to us isn’t just lofty ambition. It’s a sacred call to care for the most vulnerable, as we work to create systemic change. The “norm” in child welfare is unacceptable. A shift to focus on child and family well-being, where relational connection becomes the standard, is critical to realize deep social change in our lifetime.

While our team prioritizes relationships with both our clients and stakeholders, we remain dedicated to keeping the vision top of mind as we work to disrupt “normal.”

Changing the world is hard and holy work. Let’s not relent.

Better together,

Jenni Lord

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Crisis Point

Mental health, especially among young people, is gaining more attention globally. In the U.S., almost 25% of the population has a diagnosed mental health disorder.

Stories of Change

We’re committed to providing families with a positive and purpose-driven path of healing that focuses on connection and personal growth.


At Chosen, we prioritize results that align with our mission. Results are woven into our model of care. We measure success not by what we gain, but by what we contribute.


Our work has a 99% success rate in keeping families safely together and on a path of thriving. Your gift directly funds these critical services. 




Annually more than 50% of children in care disrupt from their placements. After working with Chosen, 99% of families stay together.



We are proud to be expanding our outreach and connection to families and individuals across the nation.



Our programs are highly effective in preventing rehospitalization.



Our evidence-based programs are designed to reduce anger and promote emotional regulation among teenagers.

Picture shows a wavy road full of highs and lows that represents the highs and lows chosen experienced in 2023

Highs & Lows

At the start of each year, our team intentionally reflects on the previous 12 months. Recognizing the victories helps us pause to celebrate. Taking inventory of the barriers we have overcome, reminds us of how God faithfully carried us through.

While we share many wins with you here, 2023 also brought about a series of obstacles. We were not immune to the economic challenges seen in both business and nonprofit sectors—several key initiatives were underfunded, which led to a budget shortfall. We dipped into our reserves, made difficult cuts, and paused production of a new training.

Our eyes remain fixed on disrupting what is “normal” for children impacted by abuse and neglect. The demand for our services continues to increase, particularly for adolescents who are at risk of aging out of foster care without relational permanency. These youth are typically 14-17 and have extensive trauma histories, often moving multiple times a year. Entering the messiest parts of these young people’s stories obviously requires deep compassion. But for us, it also requires a persistent commitment to follow them wherever they go. The work is not easy and the system itself often prevents lasting connection. We want these teens to know they are seen and valued… they are worth the fight to keep showing up, despite the setbacks.

Our team finished the year strong and entered 2024 with renewed vigor to tackle obstacles together. The health and well-being of the children, youth and families in our country are essential to healthy communities, which is why we continue to press onward toward a brighter future.

Looking Ahead to 2024

BUDGET: $3,700,000


Serve 2,115 Individuals

Provide parent-directed services to families impacted by trauma and youth-directed programming for at-risk youth in unlicensed placements.


Secure 10 Collaborative Partnerships

Partnerships will amplify Chosen as a thought leader in the child welfare space, as well as generate revenue through family referrals.


Expand Content and Training Offerings

Launch new, Chosen-created training offerings and expand delivery of TBRI Training to serve children and families in new ways.


Build Vision Fund to Scale Reach and Impact

Increase financial stability through individual and business philanthropy growth, and build reserves.


Refine Engagement Plan

Improve engagement of board members, clients, and donors to establish a long-term community of advocates and investors in Chosen’s mission.


Extend Footprint

Expand programming through existing channels in Houston, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia and Arkansas. 


Lay Foundation for Expansion

Begin building connections and contacts for expansion into Southern California and North Carolina in 2025. 

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