Helping children and families heal from trauma through connection. 

Mother hugging her daughter outside of school.

Our Model of Care

Chosen is dedicated to supporting children and youth in overcoming trauma by creating strong, stable relationships within foster, kinship, adoptive, and reunified families. Through our clinical services, and trauma training, we offer evidence-based methods to prevent disruptions and ensure lasting connections for every child.


Chosen was founded with a single mission: to help children, youth, and families prevent and heal trauma through healthy relational connections.







Trauma occurs when a child is separated from their birth parents. Adoptive parents may struggle with addressing trauma and attaching to the child. Chosen can help you find connection and healing.
Birth parents who are reunified with their children are trying their best to reconnect with their children and stabilize their homes. Chosen gives reunified families the tools they need to heal together.
Often, kinship caregivers do not expect to be in this position. When a grandparent or extended family member welcomes a child into their home, Chosen provides resources to help navigate the situation.
Fostering begins with a big heart, but it can be overwhelming. When stressful behaviors emerge in children, foster parents may find themselves wanting to give up. Chosen is here to help you persevere.

You Don't Have to Do it Alone.

Allow us to guide you and your family towards a journey of hope and healing.

Infographic of Chosen's 5C Connection framework. Community, Clinical Practice, Collaboration, Creativity, and Compassion

5C Connection Framework

We approach each situation with our 5C Connection Framework; clinical research, compassion, collaboration, creativity, and most importantly community. By connecting families with the right combination of resources, we have witnessed miraculous outcomes when our licensed, trauma-informed practitioners intercede by exhausting every resource at their disposal until our families have a workable plan to follow.


We were all created for deep connection

Relational women talking in a group of moms.

We Are Relational

Our work is not transactional but truly transformational, which requires trust. By strengthening the relationship between the child and caregiver, healing begins.

Curious child gazing intently through a window with determination.

We Are Relentless

Our team does whatever it takes to ensure children are on a path of healing. We equip families with the tools they need and walk beside them on their journeys. 

Restorative family photo of a daughter hugging a mother.

We Are Restorative

Our service restores hope and connections in families. Healthy families shape healthy communities.

Our mission evolved from a great need​

From Funding Adoption to Helping Children Heal

Chosen was conceived in the heart of our founder, Jenni Lord, at the start line of a half-marathon. She had the thought that she needed to be running for something bigger than herself. Passionate about vulnerable children, Chosen originally began as a race event to supplement adoption funds under a national nonprofit.

Soon, the team recognized much deeper family needs to help children heal and have permanency. Chosen restructured as an independent nonprofit in 2016 and updated its mission to focus on children healing from trauma by strengthening their families.


Idea for Chosen conceived.


First race begins and nets $100k for adoption funds.


Pivotal question: How can we better serve families?


Developed strategic plan to shift service model.


Restructured and launched pilot for 50 clients.


1,726 clients served and establish a training program.

Connect with Our Intake Specialist

Our talented intake specialist Meredith is likely to be the first person to welcome you. Her empathy and personal experience will help you and your family feel comfortable.