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Jenni C. Lord, Chief Executive Officer, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Jenni C. Lord

Chief Executive Officer

An unwavering advocate for healing families through the power of connection, Jenni Lord’s journey is both personal and visionary. Shaped by the challenges of her upbringing and deeply influenced by her foster brother’s five-year adoption process, Jenni’s career has been dedicated to driving systemic change within the child welfare landscape.

With a strong business background, Jenni made a life-changing shift to advocate for children needing loving and safe families. In 2008, Jenni founded Chosen, a leading nonprofit dedicated to healing children from trauma by empowering their families. Chosen practitioners and licensed care managers work with families impacted by the child welfare system, including adoptive, foster, kinship, and reunified biological parents.

Through Chosen, Jenni’s team of experts work with parents and guardians of foster and adopted children to give them tools that help them interact and influence their children and influence their children to shift their negative mindsets that have been formed due to trauma and neglect. Under her leadership, Chosen’s mission focuses on helping children heal from abuse, neglect, and abandonment while empowering families to become healing agents.

Jenni’s influence transcends the organization she leads. Her advocacy reaches beyond state lines, impacting policy reform at the state and federal levels. Deeply involved in Board and leadership roles, Jenni has served as the Texas Chair of the National Family-Focused Treatment Association (FFTA) and various community workgroups to tackle system-wide issues that stem from orphanhood mentalities and attachment styles including perpetual feelings of loneliness, avoidance, anxiety, security issues, disorganization, striving for acceptance as well as acknowledging loss and grief in orphanhood.

As a passionate advocate for connected families, Jenni frequently speaks at events and conferences, inspiring others with her passion for healing through connection, family restoration, and systemic transformation. Her authentic passion resonates deeply with others working to change the system—inspiring and igniting a collective drive and collaboration see children and families thrive.

Beyond her professional commitments, Jenni finds fulfillment in coaching and mentoring others. She enjoys reading, playing tennis, staying active, and exploring outdoor adventures with her family in her spare time. Jenni and her husband, Rob, have been happily married since 2005, have generously served as foster parents, and are blessed with four children of their own.

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