We can provide hope for your family and healing for your children.

Programs for Caregivers

Chosen’s programming guides caregivers on how to make connections that heal the heart. From 1:1 coaching and trauma education to clinical assessments and crisis support, we offer a full range of proven practices to provide exactly what each family needs to thrive. Our tailored programs include:


for parents of adopted children

Family Ties

for grandparents, relatives and other kin caregivers raising relative children


for parents who are reunified with birth children after they were removed

Client Outcomes


of youth who experienced a psychiatric stay did not return to the hospital after services.


of children and teens had decreased levels of anxiety after participating in services.

Programs for Young Adults

While the goal of foster care is for every child to have a home, that doesn’t always happen. Thousands of teens are living in group settings, treatment centers, and even hotels. And they’re at risk for becoming adults without healthy family ties. Chosen provides services specifically for this at-risk population. Our customized programs include:


for at-risk teens who are displaced from their family

TBRI®: Trust-Based Relational Intervention

designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable teens

Making Sense of Your Worth

an 8-week curriculum run by professionals to help replace shame with self-worth

The Seven Life Domains Framework

which helps foster youth address significant challenges as they transition to adulthood

+ Clinical Assessments, Weekly Coaching, and more...

You Don't Have to Do it Alone.

Allow us to guide you and your family towards a journey of hope and healing.

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Our Model of Care

Chosen’s team of licensed, trauma-informed practitioners does whatever it takes to bring hope, help, and healing to families who have been touched by the child welfare system. We’ve been where you are. With decades of lived experience, our care managers implement our proven, customizable Model of Care to set your family on a path of healing. Your care manager will walk alongside you, guiding your family down your own unique path toward thriving together.

Individualized Parent Coaching

Chosen’s care managers provide one-on-one coaching using curricula tailored to your needs.

Therapeutic Resources

Chosen matches you with evidence-informed, trauma-focused therapeutic services and resources.

Personalized Case Management

Chosen connects you with the local third-party resources you need to help your family thrive together.

Crisis Support

If a difficult event occurs outside of your scheduled parent coaching session, we’re available to help.

Trauma Education

We offer best-in-class teaching so you can parent your children in a way that takes their history into account.

Clinical Assessments

Your coaching and action plan is based on measured levels of stress and trauma behaviors.


Your care manager uses session information to create a customized family plan.

Personalized Care
& Direction

Your dedicated care manager listen to your concerns and walk alongside you on your path of healing. All resources will be tailored to ensure they align with families your unique circumstances.


Your care manager will provide access to the resources, including attachment exercises, tips to manage behaviors, and recommendations for third-party resources in your community.

Action Plan

You will leave your session with a Weekly Action Plan to bring your family closer together. Activities range from self-care exercises, to scheduling appointments, to family bonding activities.


Medication Consultation

Chosen’s Model of Care offers consultations and educational services for parents considering or currently using medication as part of their child’s treatment. While Chosen does not prescribe medication, our board-certified family nurse practitioner assists parents in understanding the benefits and side effects of treatments prescribed by the family’s medical provider. These trauma-informed consultations aim to support parents in making informed decisions about treatment.

We are all wired for connection, healing trauma through connection, stronger families create stronger communities

Trauma-Responsive Focused on Healing

Trauma-Informed Practice

Our team uses best-in-class therapies that address mental and behavioral health, as well as social and emotional development.

Trauma-Responsive Care

We work closely with families to determine individual needs, then provide therapeutic programs that meet those specific needs.

Family Restoration

Chosen's robust catalog of clinical offerings is proven to bring healing and restoration to children and families affected by trauma.

Prices are based on a sliding scale

All families receive two free complimentary sessions. After that, fees are based on family size and household income. We believe our services should be available to all & that finances should never hinder a family from healing–if you are ready to begin your journey toward healing, contact us today.


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Chosen provides so much more than hope—we help families heal and thrive together. After working with Chosen, 99% of families stay together. You can parent this child. Your family can heal. Don’t give up

If you’re dealing with any history of trauma or have older children, see Chosen as soon as you can.

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