Immediate access to care changes everything. Your contributions fuel our work to bring healing and restoration to families and youth in crisis.

Our work has a 99% success rate in keeping families safely together and on a path of thriving.

Giving Spotlight

For more than 20 years now, Amy and I have had the privilege of bettering the lives of children who experience foster care. We established the Blavin Scholars Program in 2003 to provide wrap around, holistic support for youth who have experienced foster care to pursue a post-secondary education and the foundation for a better life. Since then, we have had the privilege of serving and graduating over 150 extraordinary young people. Our Blavin Scholars are among the grittiest, most resilient, and inspiring people we know.

As we have gotten more familiar with the business of foster care, we have been deeply disturbed by the systemic dysfunction that results in outcomes that are, frankly, sinful. Amy and I were inspired to invest in Chosen because we view this as a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of children and the courageous, loving families who choose to adopt and/or foster them. Chosen’s proven interventions and support for families in crisis empowers them to overcome their immediate challenges and heal. This, in turn, keeps families intact. For the first time for many of these children, they are able to develop loving attachments to their parents and experience stability in their lives. This is a generational game-changer!

If adoption is going to play a significant role in solving our foster care crisis, the expert support provided by Chosen is essential. Without it, we will continue to have a revolving door of failed adoptions and foster care placements and continued traumatization and heartbreaking life outcomes for the children thrust into this broken system. We are so grateful to Chosen for leading the charge and allowing us to play a part in changing the future for these extraordinary kids.

Paul Blavin