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Body Safety Coloring Page

body safety coloring page chosen care
By Bethany Hall, MSN, FNP

Cultivating Body Safety: A Coloring Page Activity for Children


Empowering children with a strong sense of body safety is crucial for protecting our children. Providing them with an understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behavior, along with fostering open communication about their bodies, is essential. With a simple yet impactful coloring activity, we can guide them in understanding and asserting healthy boundaries.

Instructions: Encourage your child to color clothes or a bathing suit over the private parts on the coloring page. This simple act teaches privacy rules and creates the basis for a comfortable discussion of body boundaries.

Trust Circles: Have your child write the names of trusted individuals around the girl/boy in the circles. Encourage them to think of relatives, teachers, or family friends they can confide in. By identifying safe adults, we empower them to know that they have the right to speak up for themselves, no matter who is hurting them.

Mutual Respect and Support: Discuss the importance of respecting others’ body boundaries and supporting those who confide in them about feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

Creating a Safe Environment: Reassure your child that their feelings and boundaries are respected. Let them know they can always approach trusted adults with concerns or questions about body safety.

Use this tool and conversation to empower your child to recognize and assert their boundaries while fostering open communication and trust. Let’s equip our children with the tools they need to help prevent abuse and navigate the world confidently.



Here’s what you’ll need:


1. A snack to fuel ideas

2. Coloring utensils and safe space

3. Open hearts and listening ears


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Body Safety Coloring Page
April 2 2024
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