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Embracing Race

Navigating racism within foster and adoptive families can feel overwhelming, but we are here to make that easier for you! Today we are letting you know about one webinar, two websites, and a video with a trans-racial adoptee. These tools are meant to equip all of us to have the important conversations that will help our families and communities embrace race.


Embracing Race


Good morning and welcome to Coffee with Chosen my name is Staci. As a white mom raising children of color, I’m seeking to educate myself on racism in our country. I’m deeply listening to how my children have experienced racism, because of their skin color and how they feel about not looking like me or my husband.

I’m also listening to transracial adoptees who are writing and speaking about their experiences. As well as reading about racial injustice and what I need to know and do as a white woman in order to effect change. Because I want you on this learning—listening– and doing journey with me. I’m sharing four resources with you today. The first is a webinar that’s happening tonight June 11th from 5:30 to 7 o’clock Central Time called Talking to Kids About Racism. This panel discussion is hosted by the Austin Child Guidance Center and will be very helpful in guiding you through having discussions with children about racism. I also want to let you know about two terrific websites the first is called Embrace Race, this website has articles webinars and action guys that are very helpful in equipping you and me with the tools that we need to talk with our children about racism. The second website that I want to make sure you know about is called Be the Bridge this is a must know about resource especially if you are a follower of Jesus, looking to make changes within your church and community. The last resource that I want to share with you is a 15-minute Interview with Rebecca Hudson an adult transracial adoptee who is an activist for the adoptee voice. In this conversation, that we’ve linked for you she talks about her experience growing up with white parents, in an all-white town, she talks about how love is not enough to erase racism, and while some things might be hard for you to hear. I’d encourage you to just take 15 minutes to watch it. I think parents with children of color need to hear her story.

We at Chosen our for children and we are for families that means that we are for communities that are not plagued by racism. To change we need to listen, read, watch, learn and change join us today we’ve linked everything that I’ve referenced today below. if you need help in this journey, today give us a call at 830-455-0101. Have a great day.

Navigating Racism within Foster and Adoptive Families

Webinar Link: Talking to Kids about Racism

Embrace Race Link: Embrace Race

Be the Bridge Link: Be the Bridge

Video Link: 15-minute Interview with Rebekah Hutson



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