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Foster Treatment Care

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What is treatment foster care?

Hurting children in foster care need a safe place to heal from hard histories. Often, they need support that goes beyond the traditional foster home. One approach is to place these children and teens in group settings where they are expected to do the hard work of healing among other youth. Treatment foster care is an alternative to that approach. Caring adults willing to receive specialized training to care for children with significant emotional, behavioral, or medical needs can create a safe environment within their home that is an substitute to group treatment. Treatment foster homes licensed through Ember Hope receive additional resources and services to heal the impact of abuse, neglect, grief and loss, including life-on-life support from Chosen’s team. Together, we can help hurting children get on a path of healing.

How does our treatment foster care program work?


Foster parents complete the specialized trauma training program with Chosen team.


Child enters the home and the family is introduced to the youth treatment team.


Child receives therapy and foster parents get parenting coaching and 24/7 support. 


Together we can bring hope, help, and healing


How does our model of care work?

Chosen’s team of licensed, trauma-informed practitioners do whatever it takes to bring hope, help, and healing to families touched by the child welfare system. We’ve been where you are. With decades of lived experience and best-in-class trauma-informed training, our care managers implement our proven, customizable Model of Care to set your family on a path of healing. From the moment you speak with our Intake Specialist, you will be heard with compassion and without judgment. Your matched care manager will walk alongside you, guiding your family down your own unique path toward thriving together.

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Parent Coaching​

We give you a plan and weekly support specifically designed for the needs of your foster children.

Personalized Resources

We connect you with local community resources to help your family thrive.

Therapeutic Assistance

Learn techniques that will equip you to be a part of the treatment team for a child whose brain has been affected by abuse & neglect.

Crisis Support

If a difficult event occurs outside of your session, we’re available to help outside of your regularly scheduled session.

Trauma Education

Best-in-class teaching helps you consider how your child’s history impacts their needs today.

Clinical Coordination

We measure levels of stress and trauma behaviors, and review your child’s medication plans.


Your care manager uses the information gathered during your session to create a plan that will work for your family.

Personalized Care
& Direction

Your care manager will listen to you and walk alongside you on your path of healing.  All resources and discussion will be tailored to your family’s unique needs.


Your care manager will provide access to the resources, including attachment exercises, tips to manage behaviors, and recommendations for third-party resources in your community.

Action Plan

You will leave your session with a Weekly Action Plan to bring your family closer together. Activities range from self-care exercises, to scheduling appointments, to family bonding activities.

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