Zakk Kiser, Senior Communications Designer, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Zakk Kiser

Senior Communications Designer

Zakk is passionate about creating meaningful content that helps vulnerable children. His role as a Senior Communication Designer allows him to use his skills to reach families most effectively through digital ad campaigns, curriculum creation, communication materials, and print collateral.

Zakk joined the Chosen team in November 2020. He received his Bachelor’s in Arts from Collin’s College in 2014 and has been working in print and advertising since 2011, first with Digital Radar and then with Fast Signs. At Chosen, Zakk creates marketing materials, updates the website, and creates content based on the care staff’s needs.

After spending several years in the corporate arena, his determination to work for a non-profit is what drove him to pursue a career with Chosen. Zakk has extensive volunteer experience helping young men and women deal with mental health issues and has recently started a family of his own, reinforcing his dedication to Chosen’s mission of providing trauma-based care to those most vulnerable.

Zakk currently lives in Mesa, Arizona with his wife and son. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his son, watching sports, and reading books.