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February 28, 2022
2022 February Newsletter

2022 February Newsletter

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I’ve struggled to write this letter with the heaviness of so many recent child deaths and a senseless war raging. Our hearts grieve along side you.

Nevertheless, we press on. And I remember my “why.”

My brother came into our family through foster care in 1995. And I’ve never been the same. I saw the harrowing journey of a child in the system up close & personal. I saw how children could fall through the cracks. 💔

I continue to hear stories from our staff or in the news about how children fall through the cracks. It is very difficult to see the same issues plague the system more than 25 years later. But my idealism and vision for a different reality fuels the fight.

I think, talk and write about system transformation a lot.

This is all part of my “why.”

Why I wake up every day with an internal drive to affect change.

When we see a shift from primarily focusing on children’s physical safety towards child & family well-being, we will see that transformation.

Family is sacred.

2022 February Newsletter

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