Lilli Correll, Board Member, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Lilli Correll

Board Member

Lilli Correll is a Fortune-5 healthcare executive, bestselling author of Resolve to Rise: Become Greater than Your Circumstances, public speaker, clinician, and dedicated champion to helping individuals heal from trauma and claim their best life.

Currently she is serving as a VP of Payer Solution Design for Genoa Healthcare, a subsidiary of United Health Group. Lilli has over twenty years of corporate leadership experience in the healthcare industry and has lead efforts to design models of care for various populations, including youth in Foster Care, Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, individuals with Serious Mental Illness, as well as those suffering from complex and chronic health conditions. Her work has been featured by Open Minds, Mental Health America, and The National Association of State Mental Health Programs Directors. In addition, Lilli spent 20 years counseling individuals, couples, and families for an employee assistance program, outpatient clinical practices, and in a child and adolescent residential treatment center.

Through a unique combination of advanced education and training, personal and professional experience, unparalleled understanding, and profound compassion, Lilli Correll offers powerful insights to help transform the healthcare experience for those who need it the most.