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Transforming Worries into Wonder A Journey of Growth and Discovery

Chosen Downloadable tool focused on 'I wonder statements' tool is called 'Changing Worries Into Curiosity'
By Alejandra Solano, M. ED., TBRI® Practitioner

Unlocking Curiosity: The Power of “I Wonder” Statements

Transforming worries into wonderment is a simple yet profound tool in nurturing a child’s mind. When we employ “I wonder” statements, we invite children into a realm where observations become stepping stones to critical thinking and problem-solving.

By encouraging children to sit with their emotions and explore their curiosities, we empower them to navigate the world with both head and heart aligned. Rather than battling between logic and emotion, they learn to embrace both as allies in their journey of understanding.

“I wonder” statements pave the way for a deeper connection with the world around us. They prompt children to not only see the world as it is but also to envision how it could be. This fuels their innate inquisitiveness, igniting a thirst for knowledge and exploration.

Moreover, by wondering out loud, we instill in children the idea that questions are not only acceptable but also invaluable. Curiosity becomes more than a fleeting moment of interest—it becomes a gateway to endless possibilities and connections.

So, let’s embrace the magic of “I wonder” statements and cultivate a generation of curious minds, ready to explore, question, and create a brighter future.



Here’s what you’ll need:


1. A snack to fuel ideas

2. Sit with your child and help them fill out the form.

3.  Open hearts and listening ears


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