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It’s Never Too Late to
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Chosen is an official partner of the strong fathers grant program.

Official Partner

Chosen was recently selected as one of 30 nonprofit organizations from across the state to receive grant funding in collaboration with Florida Department of Children and Families’ Father First campaign! We are honored to be selected as one of the nonprofits to receive grant funding with Florida’s Father First campaign and serve these fathers through Chosen’s Strong Fathers program. It’s never too late to be the dad your kid deserves. Together we will make a difference in families’ lives.

Approximately 18 Million

children in the U.S. grow up without a father at home, representing 1 in 4 children under 18. The effects of father absence can extend into adulthood, impacting areas such as employment, income, and mental health.

Absent Fathers

correlate with higher rates of juvenile delinquency, increased criminal activity, higher dropout rates, and greater risk of substance abuse.

Active Fathers

lead to improved outcomes, fewer emotional and behavioral issues, reduced abuse and neglect, and enhanced academic performance.


Our Model Works

Chosen’s team of trained, trauma-informed practitioners do whatever it takes to bring hope, help, and healing to fathers and families touched by the child welfare system. We’ve been where you are. With decades of lived experience and best-in-class trauma-informed training, our care managers implement our proven, customizable model to set your family on a path of healing. From the moment you speak with our Intake Specialist, you will be heard with compassion and without judgment. Your matched care manager will walk alongside you, guiding your family down your own unique path toward thriving together.

Chosen father teaching son how to shave represents the tools he learned by applying chosen services in his parenting.

Individualized Parent Coaching

Chosen’s care managers provide one-on-one coaching using curricula tailored to your needs.

Therapeutic Resources

Chosen matches you with evidence-informed, trauma-focused therapeutic services and resources.

Personalized Case Management

Chosen connects you with the local third-party resources you need to help your family thrive together.

Crisis Support

If a difficult event occurs outside of your scheduled parent coaching session, we’re available to help.

Trauma Education

We offer best-in-class teaching so you can parent your children in a way that takes their history into account.

Clinical Assessments

Your coaching and action plan is based on measured levels of stress and trauma behaviors.


How Does Our Program Work?

Personalized Care
& Direction

Your dedicated care manager listens to your concerns and walks alongside you on your path of healing. All resources will be tailored to ensure they align with your families’ unique circumstances.


Your care manager will provide access to the resources, including attachment exercises, tips to manage behaviors, and recommendations for third-party resources in your community.

Action Plan

You will leave your session with a Weekly Action Plan to bring your family closer together. Activities range from self-care exercises, to scheduling appointments, to family bonding activities.

Family Outcomes


Annually more than 50% of children in care disrupt from their placements. After working with Chosen, 99% of families stay together.


of parents/caregivers who came to Chosen exprienced a decrease in total parent stress.


What Are Dads Saying About Chosen?

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Our Senior Program Manager Blake Taylor would love to help, please reach out here with any questions.


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Chosen provides so much more than hope—we help families heal and thrive together. After working with Chosen, 99% of families stay together. You can parent this child. Your family can heal. Don’t give up

Whether you’re a foster father, adoptive father, kinship father figure, or a father recently reunified with your child, we understand the unique challenges of parenting. Chosen is here to walk alongside you. Reach out to us today for help!

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