Sponsor a Family

By Sponsoring a family, you are helping ensure that parents are the agents of their children’s healing.  99% of families who receive the correct care stay together, reducing the strain on local community’s child welfare system, prison system, and homelessness. Your gift will directly fund family restoration and our next generations’ thriving.

How Supporting A Family Works


You make a gift

Transform an entire family with a gift of $5,400 or more to support a program.


We match you with a family

A member of our team will be in touch to allocate your gift to an appropriate family.


You receive Progress Reports

The average service takes 6+ months to complete. We’ll updated along the way.

Looking to dive deeper into the details? Give this video a watch.

Our Innovative Model of Care

Chosen’s team of licensed, trauma-informed practitioners does whatever it takes to bring hope, help, and healing to families who have been touched by the child welfare system. Our Model of Care to sets families on a path of healing. Learn more here >