Jessica Bernier, MBA, Senior Manager of Administration & Finance, Chosen - Adoption | Foster & Orphan Care Outreach | Mentoring

Jessica Bernier, MBA

Senior Manager of Administration & Finance

Jessica Bernier has dedicated her professional life to nonprofit accounting in the pursuit of helping nonprofit organizations succeed in their goals of providing services to those who need them the most. Her role at Chosen allows her to carry out that mission as Accounting Manager.

Jessica joined Chosen in 2022 after completing her education and working nearly 10 years for nonprofit health and human service organizations. She holds a Master’s degree in accounting, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Psychology, and an MBA. Jessica gained nonprofit accounting experience while working for Stavros Center for Independent Living, a nonprofit organization that provides people with disabilities the tools they need to take charge of their own lives and advocate for themselves and change in the community. At Stavros, and other nonprofit organizations, Jessica learned a lot about government grants, federal and state funding, and how to live by the golden rule that an organization should be audit ready at all times.

Jessica’s interest in nonprofit did not begin with her career. In fact, growing up in a community-oriented church whose mission focused on helping others, guided her professional goals. The only logical choice was to pursue a career in the nonprofit industry to continue those ideals and goals. It was Jessica’s spiritual beliefs that helped guide her through difficult times in her own life, that only reinforced her desire to help people in need.

Jessica lives in Massachusetts with her husband and their 3 children. She enjoys photography, wood turning, and spending time with her family.