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16 April 2024

The Harrison Family

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Jack Harrison’s longing to be a father simmered beneath the surface, fueled by his deep love for his nieces and nephews. In his late 40s, single and determined, he made the bold decision to fulfill his dream by opening his heart and home to a child in need through foster care. Liam’s arrival into his life ignited a mix of emotions – joy, apprehension, and overwhelming fear. The weight of Liam’s past experiences bore heavily on Jack’s shoulders, triggering doubts and fears about his ability to be the father Liam deserved.

As a single man navigating the unfamiliar terrain of parenthood, Jack grappled with feelings of unpreparedness and struggled to find resources for single fathers. Amidst his doubts, Chosen emerged as a beacon of hope and support, providing him with the knowledge and belief in himself as a father. One of his greatest fears in reaching out for help was that he would be judged for his lack of knowledge or parenting style. But what he found was just the opposite.

“I would tell all fathers considering Chosen’s services they should do it, even if they’re experienced. If I fostered again, I’d choose Chosen. Our interaction was open, friendly, and non-judgmental. I felt comfortable being honest,” reflected Jack.

Guided by his care manager, John, Jack embarked on a transformative journey, learning new skills and ways to provide Liam with boundaries while nurturing their connection and attachment. His success was bolstered by John’s consistent presence, affirming Jack and reassuring him in difficult moments.

“Jack was very receptive and engaged in services. He was always willing to try new strategies and was very self-reflective about how his behaviors could be affecting the child.” -John

When Liam first came to live with Jack, he struggled with nightmares and memories of the abuse that he suffered. He would often say that he was a “bad boy” if he made a mistake and resisted showing any affection towards Jack. He resisted the care and love he so desperately needed, fearing abandonment. However, as John helped Jack prioritize connection and set appropriate expectations for Liam, their bond grew. Today, Liam freely expresses affection towards Jack, a testament to his healing journey.

Not only did Liam gain a father, but he also found stability within an extended family who adores him. Every weekend he goes to the movies with his grandma, something that is even more dear to her as her husband passed away this last year.

Today, as we reflect upon Jack and Liam’s poignant journey, we are reminded of the transformative power of caring individuals. For Liam, it has been Jack, a single father who, despite his fears, chose to act on his behalf. For Jack, it was his Care Manager, John, providing the listening ear and reassurance he needed on this new journey. Their story exemplifies the profound impact of love, resilience, and support in fostering healing and hope.

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