Nurturing Discipline: Practical Alternatives to Spanking

Nurturing Discipline: Practical Alternatives to Spanking In another post, we explored What Does The Bible Say About Spanking? One clear takeaway is that it is important to discipline our kids. So, what is the difference between punishment (like spanking) and discipline? Today, let’s delve deeper into that difference as well as some practical alternatives that […]

Tossing, Turning, and Counting Sheep!

Everyone knows that parents of newborns operate on a deficit in the snooze department. Babies are up around the clock for obvious reasons. But sleep can also be tricky for older kids who have experienced loss, abuse, and neglect. Separation anxiety, memories of bad things that happened in the dark, and grief can all intensify […]

Connecting with Teens through Shared Journaling

Connecting with teens can be hard. Video games, earbuds, and social media command much of their attention. If you’re parenting teens, one-word answers might leave you wondering, “What are they thinking? What are they feeling? Do they even care?” Many teens keep their emotions hidden, while others huff, puff, and stomp off when parents try […]

What Does the Bible Say About Spanking?

Thoughts On Corporal Punishment Corporal punishment has been a controversial topic for many decades, particularly among Christian families. Proponents of this disciplinary method often cite passages in the Old Testament book of Proverbs. We have all heard the saying, “spare the rod, spoil the child.” Contrary to popular belief, this phrase isn’t found in Scripture. […]

Food Fights? Try a Snack Box!

For several children, this traditional model works well enough. But kids who have experienced neglect often feel anxiety around food. Some take or hide food even when there is more than enough on the table and in the pantry. Others fly off the handle when a snack is delayed or denied. When children have been […]

Bridging the Gap: How to Improve Birth Family Visits

Birth family visits are one of the most challenging aspects of foster care. They are confusing for foster parents, not to mention how emotional they are for birth parents. Sometimes, foster children look forward to these temporary reunions with their family but are wrecked at the brevity. Other times, children dread these visits, as they […]