Trauma Informed to Trauma Responsive Care

Loss hurts. Neglect and abuse cut deep. Early childhood trauma leaves lasting scars. Whether the baby in the womb adopted at birth, the 3-year-old being raised by grandparents, or the teenager in foster care, all children who have been separated from birth parents have experienced some level of trauma. As a result, these kids often face […]

A Few Small Steps & One Big Dream

Friends, I didn’t want to let today pass without memorializing such a special day. Twelve years ago, the idea for Chosen was conceived. On the start line of another inaugural race — the San Antonio Marathon — in 30 degree weather with 30,000 people around me, the buzzing air suddenly went silent as I had […]

ADHD and Children with Hard Histories

I love to spend time with my kids! But sometimes, I also dread helping them with homework. Though necessary, homework isn’t on my top ten list of “most fun family activities,” and I’m guessing I’m not the only parent who feels that way!  When you are parenting children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), doing schoolwork can quickly shift from an annoying ritual to painfully frustrating. Why is schoolwork so difficult for children with ADHD? Consider […]

Mirroring Each Other

Have you ever walked up to someone who was laughing really hard and you started laughing too, even though you didn’t know what that person was laughing about? Do you find yourself yawning when you see your child yawning? Have you found yourself cringing when you see someone getting hurt on a movie screen? There […]

Saving Reasons Until the End

Devon* is an 11-year-old living with his grandmother. His mom left the family years ago and his dad recently went to prison. Devon misses his dad and doesn’t understand why his grandma acts more like his school principal than the fun lady who used to spoil him. He becomes emotional easily and sometimes has a […]

The Responsibility of a Transracial Adoptive Parent

When I became an adoptive parent with my husband John, our four daughters became part of our new multiracial family. They received our last name, they gained many fun relatives, family traditions, and they will inherit our belongings and money when we die. Their personalities are, in part, shaped by the environment in our home […]

Staff Recommendations

These books cover challenging topics, so we encourage you to read them with your children, and discuss them. Ages 4-8 Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad Written by Ellen Levine and illustrated by Kadir Nelson, Scholastic Press Ella Queen of Jazz Written by Helen Hancocks, Frances Lincoln Children’s Books The Story […]

Understanding Our Senses

In my early days as a foster parent, I would often tell people about puzzling behaviors in my children that seemed to not make any sense–from laying upside down while watching television, or rocking back and forth. I would often hear people say, “could it be a sensory issue?”  I was too embarrassed to admit […]

In the Face of Adversity

Recently, I was asked by Unicity* to speak to city leaders on leading beyond the storm. My reflex response was that we must first lead ourselves before we can lead others. At this time, the stakes have never been higher for leadership and those we lead, the missions we advance. Remember when David was facing […]

The Power of Choices

When you are caring for a child from foster care, unexpected challenges can arise. Step into a day in the life of a foster family with Chosen Care Manager Bethany Hall to learn about their challenges and how to support them. This is not the story of one foster parent, but rather a combination of […]

The Decade of Family

Remember when former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro declared the Decade of Downtown for San Antonio in 2010? What if we call it now? 2020 — the Decade of Family! Not original to me, but borrowed from a bold proclamation by Unicity, a movement to unite the city. What incredible progress has been made to revitalize […]

Wait Until January

  Over 125,000 children in the United States are waiting to be adopted. National Adoption Day raises awareness so that those kiddos move from foster care to forever families. Judge Michael Nash of the Los Angeles County Juvenile Court was the inspiration for this awareness day, as he opened his court on Saturdays with volunteers […]