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5 Fun At-Home Activities to Build Connection with Your Kids

By Kimber Graves, TBRI® Practitioner

Play can help kids build trust, manage emotions, reduce anxiety, and grow relationships.

You can build connection with your children anywhere—including your own home! Our Chosen staff has curated a list of their favorite stay-at-home activities to enjoy with the entire family. Most of these ideas don’t cost any money. 

1.) Create an obstacle course

A great way to develop motor skills, obstacle courses also provide sensory input and burn off energy. Build one inside on days when the weather isn’t cooperating, or outside when it’s sunny and warm! Some of our favorite elements to include are: 

  • Things to climb over. Use pillows, cushions, air mattresses, or even laundry baskets to create a step-up. 
  • Things to go under. Crawling is a must for any obstacle course! Try a table, sheets, or a pop-up fabric tunnel to give space for shimmying beneath objects. 
  • A slide. Use anything firm and smooth to make a downward slope from the top of a bed, couch, or other elevated surface.  
  • Something to jump on. Try a mini-trampoline or make a series of steppingstones with hula hoops, painters’ tape, plastic discs, or pieces of construction paper.  
  • A “freeze” spot. Choose a place to pause for a moment and do an activity: jumping jacks, run in place, spin in circles.  

2.) Go on a scavenger hunt

Use our free printable scavenger hunt checklist and let the fun begin! This is perfect for inside or the backyard, for younger and older kids alike. After the hunt is over, take a moment to build connection. Enjoy a snack together, open your bags to see what everyone collected, and talk about the experience:  

  • What did you like about the scavenger hunt? 
  • What else did you see or find? 
  • What was something unexpected you saw? 

3.) Have a backyard (or living room) campout

If you don’t have a tent of your own, build a DIY one! Get creative: use a terra cotta pot as a fire pit, grill your dinner, enjoy your own lawn games, light up the night with glow sticks, and make s’mores! 

4. Bring the water park to you

Arranging a water play day in your yard is a great way to build connection. Bust out the kiddie pool, water hose, and your sprinklers! Fill up water balloons and water guns for a splashin’ water competition. Make your own water table with a bucket, cups, kitchen utensils, bowls, and bath toys

5. Do Disney!

That’s right, re-create the magic in your own home. Make your own “Magic Bands,” Mickey Mouse ears, and favorite Disney foods, from Dole Whip to Mickey Mouse-shaped pancakes. You can buy Disney gear from your nearest thrift store and some grocery stores have Mickey Mouse shaped ice-cream. Dress up as your favorite characters and top it all off with any number of virtual Disney rides on YouTube.  


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