The Salcedo Family

The Salcedo Family

Building Connection and Overcoming Challenges in Transracial Adoption From the time she was a teenager, Maria Salcedo had a deep desire to adopt. This dream remained alive through her marriage to John and the birth of their two biological daughters. Life took an unexpected turn when their youngest biological child was born significantly premature and […]

Malika and Nessas Story

Nessa and Malkia Story

In the heart of Tennessee, there is a challenge you likely aren’t even aware of. A large population of at-risk youths have no place to call home. Instead, home is wherever there is space for the night. Our program, Adaya, meaning “God’s Jewels,” is made up of a team of individuals fighting to provide these […]

The Harrison Family

The Harrison Family, Chosen Care

Jack Harrison’s longing to be a father simmered beneath the surface, fueled by his deep love for his nieces and nephews. In his late 40s, single and determined, he made the bold decision to fulfill his dream by opening his heart and home to a child in need through foster care. Liam’s arrival into his […]

The Johnson Family

The Johnson Family walking over train tracks representing the hope and healing of chosen's services.

It’s hard to know what to expect when your family is presented with a child’s need for permanency in the face of a birth parent’s personal struggles. Julie and Sam Johnson adopted their granddaughters to offer them a safe and peaceful home after years of trauma in their young lives, which included termination of parental […]

The Garcia Family

The Garcia Story, Stories of Healing, Chosen Care, Adoption Services, Foster Care Services, Kinship Services

Empowering Families Through Understanding and Support     Meet Lexi, a bright spirit who came to us when her parents found themselves navigating the challenging landscape of child protective services. As Lexi blossomed into her unique self, her parents noticed mood swings that ranged from joyous play to sudden bursts of anger. Determined to provide […]

The Hanovers Story

Family connection on the porch outside of a house

The Hanovers: Finding Help and Healing Nina Hanover’s bags were packed to leave. The only reason she hadn’t walked out the door yet was her oldest child was missing—a runaway—again. This scenario was a far cry from what she had pictured eight years earlier when they welcomed three young foster children into their home. Nina […]

John and Anne’s Story

John and Anne’s Story: Building Family Bonds in Foster Care. It was hardly by the book. John and Anne Manor* were a twenty-something, vibrant couple with a heart for kids. Though they didn’t have biological children of their own quite yet, they did have a heart for kids and signed up to be foster parents. […]

Claire and Lorrettas Story

Mike and Ashley wanted to help hurting children. They researched, talked with friends, and realized God was leading them to become foster parents. After training and licensing, Mike and Ashley were overjoyed to receive the call that two girls needed a family to care for them.     Unexpected Behaviors The girls arrived and to […]

Emma’s Story

Emma's Story, Chosen Story, Stories of Healing,

Emma’s Story: From confusion and chaos to a healthy home Emma’s meltdowns and tantrums confused her foster and adoptive parents — until Chosen showed them how to help her heal from trauma. Unexpected mood swings. Utter confusion. A strained marriage… It’s not what Jacky and Kyle Hernandez expected when they decided to foster a baby […]

Micah’s Story

Micah’s Story: Moving away from a constant state of crisis Micah’s adoptive parents didn’t know how to handle his fits of rage — until Chosen connected them with proven strategies. If the Jacobs had only known about Chosen sooner, they may have prevented a lot of heartache. Not that the family has regrets. Ellen and […]

Brody’s Story

Brody's Story, Chosen Care, Stories of Healing

Brody’s Story: Finding Support after Kinship Adoption Brody’s parents didn’t know how to handle his meltdowns, defiance and constant attention-seeking behaviors — until Chosen showed them proven strategies to deal with past hurts. Chosen was life changing for the Hancock family. Jessica and Michael Hancock* weren’t looking to adopt. They were almost empty nesters, but […]

Williams Story

As a middle school teacher, Dan has long had a front-row seat to the struggles of vulnerable children. But few stories compared to that of William, a 13-year student who was in a foster placement. With his biological mom in prison and a string of broken placements behind him, William was seeking guidance from a secure, caring adult, […]